Appendix C: Pebble Developer Communities

Pebble users and developers have built communities online where you can discuss, praise, criticize, and emote about Pebble smartwatches and where you can ask questions about usage and development of smartwatch apps. Here is a list a some of communities.

  • Pebble Forums: Pebble runs its own set of forums at There is actually only one forum with many categories. While you can read each category without signing up, signing up allows you to post.
  • Pebble Developer Blog: Pebble employees maintain a developer blog at This is used for communicating news pertinent to developers straight from the folks at Pebble.
  • Reddit: There are several subreddit groups at that pertain to Pebble. The two most active are the Pebble subreddit (at and the Pebble Developers subreddit (at
  • Twitter: There are two Twitter feeds that are maintained by Pebble: @pebble and @pebbledev.
  • Slack: Slack is a service where messages and files are exchanged between users. The Pebble Developer team on Slack, found at has many subgroups organized under topic channels. You need to sign up for the Slack service and request to be added to the Slack Pebble developer team, but it's easy and free. And very informative.
  • Facebook: Pebble maintains a Facebook presence at There is also a group of Pebble users that contribute to the Pebble Junkies group at

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