Appendix B: Development Environments for Pebble Projects

There are two environments that you can use to develop Pebble apps. This appendix is a brief outline of these environments.


The CloudPebble environment is the way we have presented Project Exercises in this book. It is a easy and fast way to get started with Pebble app development. Accessible via "", this environment is an integrated development environment with the following tools:

  • Editor: This tool is used to create source code. While saving is automatic when you hit the compilation button, it's a good idea to get into the habit of saving often. Hit the save button or press Ctrl-S on the keyboard.The editor attempts code completion when it can and attempts code syntax error-checking as you type code.
  • Compiler: The Gnu C compiler we have discussed in the chapter text is embedded in this IDE. Clicking on the compile/run button automatically saves what the contents of the editor and attempts to compile the current project. Compilation results are displayed in the "Build Log", with compilation errors linked back into the source code.
  • Dependency Management: Your code can depend on packages of precompiled code. CloudPebble can include these packages when it works with your code. You can include your own packages or packages from the NPM JavaScript repository (found at
  • Version Control System: CloudPebble has configurable connections to GitHub. You can pull code from repositories and push your own code.
  • Storage: The CloudPebble site will also store your projects on its own storage space. Storage is organized by project and does not present a file system. File handling is restricted to renaming and deletion using buttons on the right of the editor.
  • Runtime Environment: The IDE includes two ways to run code. There is an emulator built into the IDE, which is the default runtime system for new projects. You can run your code on all Pebble platforms and can even work with real smartwatch sensor functions by connecting with your phone over a Web site. You can also run your code on a smartwatch; CloudPebble downloads apps to your smartwatch by connecting to your phone through the developer connection in the Pebble app.

In addition to these tools, access to all Pebble documentation is available as well as simple project management.

The CloudPebble platform should be all you need for basic app developmet. Try it at

The Pebble Software Development Kit

The Pebble SDK is an extensive set of software libraries and tools that enable smartwatch app development on Linux and MacOS platforms. By using the Pebble SDK, you can choose your own set of development tools and can have access to implementations of compilation, software management, and debugging not available on CloudPebble. Emulation is available at a finer grain with the SDK than is available with CloudPebble.

Get started with the SDK at

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